What Makes Turbo Paint Systems Superior to Compressed Air Systems?

Large paint projects need the use of the correct tools to guarantee that the final results match your expectations. Aside from obtaining the correct grade of paint, you need also to have a top-of-the-line spray gun. There are multiple varieties that can be found on the market. Apollo Sprayers’ HVLP paint sprayer guns are typically the best choice for the most accurate job with slight overspray. But, after you’ve decided on that style of weaponry, there’s one more thing to consider: the system it operates on.

Turbine and air compressor units are the two most common options. They may be used interchangeably. However, this is different. There are several drawbacks to employing the latter, and you have to be mindful of these difficulties to avoid tragedy.

Fortunately, Apollo Sprayers understands the value of a job well done and offers self-contained turbo units under the MAXI-MISER brand. As you read, you will see why they are the apparent option.


Depending on why you require a paint sprayer, you may need to transfer your system between sites at times. This is particularly true if you paint automobiles for other people. You’ll need something that you can easily take with you.

Air compressor systems require motors in their equipment to function, which makes them gigantic and heavy. Turbine units, on the other hand, are small. Because of their modest size, they may be less expensive to acquire.


“Overspray” refers to paint misted onto areas that were not intended to be painted. Cleaning up after this may be both destructive and inconvenient. It also contributes to total paint waste. The pressured air that atomizes the paint in a piece of compressor-based equipment is challenging to manage, which might result in more paint being released than desired.

When you pick a turbo system, particularly one from Apollo Sprayers, you can anticipate far less overspray. As a result, their solutions are sure to save you about 40% on paint use when compared to typical equipment. The turbine produces a finer mist, causing the paint to drop into a smaller region of space.


One major concern that might arise from paint sprayers is the odors that they produce. When inhaled, this can cause long-term health problems. Compressed air machines are more prone to make this problem than turbine devices due to the potential of over spraying.

In addition, there is a variation in their environmental impact. Air compressor paint systems are powered by external sources such as gas or electricity. This combustible exhaust emits contaminants into the atmosphere. The turbine system removes this since it operates only on the inner turbine. This not only makes them safer to use but also makes them more suitable for usage indoors.

Choosing the Best Turbine Paint Sprayer

With all of this taken into consideration, a turbine-powered system comes out on top. But which brand should you believe? Fortunately, that option is also simple- Apollo Sprayers. Since its inception over 50 years ago, they have been a pioneer in the paint sprayer industry, transforming its products to employ the greatest technology available.

To maximize the benefits of their equipment, you are assured at least an 80% transfer rate on your paintwork. This is more than any of their rivals. Even better, they offer equipment that is tailored to individual demands, as not all tasks are one-size-fits-all. You can obtain turbine systems for automobile painting, spotting, and even accident repair under their Maxi-Miser name!

Paint projects take far more thinking than just selecting a hue. It would be beneficial if you also considered the equipment. As you can see, a turbo unit is your best chance to get the job done quickly and safely, and Apollo Sprayers offers a device for everyone.