Things to know about Chevrolet Silverado HD Series’ Powertrain

One of the most powerful trucks on the face of this earth is the HD series from Chevy. Both the 2500 & 3500 offers something special to each of their owners. This HD Silverado series offers certain things for readers to know beforehand.

Getting your hands on a Chevy Silverado HD means you have to visit Goldsboro Chevrolet dealer. Once you come across this pickup truck don’t delay to own it.


The standard Silverado 2500 and 3500 are powered by a V8 6.6L that creates 401 horses and a torque of 464 lb-ft. Also, it is grouped with an automatic 6-speed transmission. The optional diesel version Duramax inline-six generates a huge 445 horses like its previous generation but torque has significantly improved to 910 lb-ft and is paired with an automatic 10-speed Allison transmission. In addition, all of these engines are paired with an RWD or 4WD setup and are compatible with dual or single back-wheel axles.

The capability and performance of this pickup provide ample juice to do whatever work one needs irrespective of whether it is loaded with cargo or empty. The truck’s speed is easily controlled because the gas-powered engine and automatic six-speed work well together. Such control is necessary when dealing with steep roads or paths.

However, no option is better for people who will have to tow heavy items regularly. Silverado’s effortless transmission and mighty power are the reason why drivers feel secure and that leads to additional confidence.

Also, it can tow 17,400 pounds but its diesel counterpart can tow 36,000 lbs. Also, a properly equipped crew cab model will enable this vehicle to have a payload capacity of 7442 pounds.

This is everything you need to know about the Chevy Silverado HD Series powertrain. In short, no other truck will beat this in any aspect of driving, towing, price, etc. Hence, to check how it feels to be behind the steering wheel of a Silverado HD, visit Goldsboro Chevrolet dealership.

Other things to know about this heavy-duty pickup

From work truck to fancy, Silverado HD comes in all designs. Other features include smartphone integration, Bose speakers, Wi-Fi hotspot, SiriusXM radio, etc. To ensure you know every interior detail and tech feature available, you need to consult a dealer. They can provide you with every minute detail of this outstanding pickup.

The work truck starts from $43,395, while others like LT costs $47,595, Custom costs $47,598, LTZ costs $57,195, and High Country is priced at $71,395. According to experts, LT is the most value-for-money trim; however, if you are getting this for personal work, then opting for High Country is what you need to get because of the luxurious features you’d enjoy.

So, now you are aware of every detail related to Silverado HD Series’ powertrains. The way this vehicle will perform, none of its rivals can compete. Hence, you need to get it as soon as possible. Just walk into a dealership and let the pros there handle the paperwork and every other legality before you become the owner of this pickup.