Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle


If you live in a metropolitan city then you must be fed up with the constant traffic. Cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Bombay are top the list when talking about road jams. It is a must to have a two-wheeler if you are residing in any of the above-stated cities. 

Two-wheelers like scooters and bikes allow you to avoid never-ending traffic jams and make it convenient to travel to different places. If you are planning to buy motorcycle (รับ ซื้อ มอเตอร์ไซค์, term in Thai), here is a list of things to consider before buying a good bike.

  • Size and comfort of the motorcycle 

These days there are a variety of motorcycles available in the market. Go for a test drive and try out different sizes of bikes. This will help you understand your requirements and comfort level. Sometimes, you might be charmed by the looks of the bike but ignore the appearance at first and just focus on comfort. 

Make sure you are able to handle the weight of the motorcycle. The seat is comfortable to sit on for hours. Be honest with yourself and find an optimum match.

  • Sound and Noise pollution

Try picking a bike that is silent and does not make unnecessary noise. It will help you have a smooth journey. There is already a lot of noise pollution on roads and if you buy another high-sound motorcycle, it will be troublesome. 

  • Fuel Economy

Different bikes have different fuel requirements. These days there are several options that help save fuel and are extremely efficient. Choose the one that suits you and isn’t heavy on your pocket. A fuel-efficient bike with high performance will be a great choice.

  • Style

Comfort must be the priority but yes, Style is also important. The automobile industry is growing day by day and is constantly coming up with new and innovative styles. Choose the one that is a blend of beauty and comfort. 

  • Budget 

Never exceed your budget. Buying a good bike is important but spending beyond your limit is also not wise. You might get tempted when you go to buy a motorbike but don’t get manipulated by the salespeople and understand your need. 

Plan your finances and spend accordingly. There are different types of bikes available in the market but your need and price considerations are the filters for choosing the best ones.

  • Seat height and weight of the bike 

These are the other 2 most important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a motorcycle. Try different bikes and then make a choice. Sit on multiple motorcycles of different heights and pick the one that matches your height. 

Lightweight bikes are best for daily use but if you are purchasing a luxury or a fancy bike then it might be on the heavier side. The quality of the alloys and metals used to build the bike must be solid but must have less weight. Heavy bikes are difficult to drive and will make you feel tired.


Always pick a vehicle that suits your body structure, is easy to drive, is environment-friendly, and is an upgraded version. Don’t forget to check the reviews of your favorite motorcycle before getting it.