Common FAQs about Check Engine Lights that All Should Know

You’re going down the road when suddenly your car’s warning light turns on. Your heart drops, you start to wonder what’s wrong with your automobile, and your mind races to the astronomical repair bill. These are all normal responses for car owners but learning what a check engine light signifies and how to diagnose the problem might help. Therefore, this blog will provide you with some important FAQs on check engine lights.

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Common FAQs on Check Engine Light

  1. Indicator light for engine trouble?

Your car’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system includes the “check engine” light, also known as the service engine soon light. The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system manages and keeps tabs on how well your car operates. When the computer detects a problem it can’t solve, it flashes the check engine light and stores a trouble code.

  1. What is the meaning of a trouble code?

A trouble code is a numeric and letter combination that identifies a specific issue with your car. These codes identify the affected system and may indicate the severity of the problem.

  1. My car’s trouble indicator light is on; am I safe to drive?

The dashboard warning light might flash one of two different ways The light might remain on continuously or blink rapidly.

  • If your vehicle’s “check engine” light is blinking, you should not drive it. If your vehicle’s service engine warning light is blinking soon, it might be a sign of a more severe problem, including an engine misfire.
  • If your car’s service engine warning light is on, you should pull over immediately.
  • The cause of a persistently on check engine light might be as simple as a loosened gas cap or as complex as a malfunctioning catalytic converter.
  • A check engine light that is on but not flashing is safe to drive with, so long as you get your car to a repair facility as soon as possible.
  1. Why does my car’s warning light come on?

Don’t be alarmed by the potentially hundreds of causes of the light turning on; we’re here to assist you. There are several possible triggers for the service engine soon indicator, however, the most prevalent ones are:

  • A faulty or loose gas cap
  • The sensor for oxygen must be replaced.
  • A new catalytic converter is required.
  • Change the spark plugs and the wiring.
  • The air mass flow sensor must be replaced.

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  1. In what ways can I find out what’s wrong with my car?

You can purchase trouble code scanners that are equivalent to what a mechanic would use, but they only identify which system is malfunctioning and not the precise cause of the problem.

In certain cases, the symptom isn’t really present in the system that generated the warning. A professional vehicle technician is still required for diagnosis and advice on repairs. ACA Automotive offers a free check of your vehicle’s code when you bring it in. Bring this coupon with you to your scheduled appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest.


The check engine light alerts the driver to potential issues with the vehicle’s engine or emissions system. By reading diagnostic error codes and monitoring real-time engine data, an OBD scanner may help pinpoint the source of the check engine light.