2023 Buick Envision’s Preferred, Essence, & Avenir – Which Trim to Get?

Buick’s Envision of this modern generation comes in three distinct versions – Preferred, Essence, & Avenir. Its entry-level trim is Preferred, while Essence is a mid-table option, and its top-tier model is Avenir. Though all trims come with the same engine the price difference is due to their interior primarily. To know about these trims in detail, visit Lindenwold Buick dealership. However, for now, simply go through what’s given below.

Engine of these trims

As mentioned earlier that Envision comes with one engine; this means all three trims are fitted with a four-cylinder turbocharged 2L engine that generates 228 hp. It is mated with an automatic nine-speed engine along with FWD or AWD system. This powertrain is responsible for reaching zero to sixty mph within 7.3 seconds. Also, the suspension is tuned ideally for providing people with ride comfort.

Be it on the highways or in city streets, this car will particularly feel enough quick!

The FWD system will offer this vehicle’s owners a mileage of 31 mpg on highways and 23 mpg in cities. However, its AWD system will provide 29 mpg on highways and 22 pg in cities.

Design – exterior & interior

The design of the exterior is the same for all the trims and comes in a variety of paint jobs. The two newly added colors include Moonstone Gray Metallic and White Frost Tri-coat.

The interior is where the maximum changes are made between the three versions. The base model Preferred comes with standard options, while the Essence and Avenir offer various luxurious features.

The standard and available features include an 8-inch infotainment screen, wireless connectivity such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi 4G LTE hotspots, active noise-cancellation, SiriusXM radio, a 6-speaker sound system, etc.

Optional features of these trims include a 10.2-inch infotainment screen, in-built navigation, a 7 or 9-speaker stereo system, etc. To own these features, people need to opt for the Technology package; however, buying Avenir will make all of these come as standard features.

Other luxurious features that are available for the Avenir version include ventilated and heated seats, leather quilted upholstery, a massage feature for its driver seat, and more. Such optional luxurious features are one of the major reasons for people opting for Avenir instead of any other trim. To take a look at this trim, visit Lindenwold Buick dealer.

Price of these trims

The Preferred model starts from $34,795, while Essence costs $38,895 and Avenir costs $47,055. To know which version of the 2023 Buick Envision to get, you will have to know your budget along with the features that you want in your vehicle.

Though all three trims offer the same powertrain, their main difference is in the interior portion. Hence, you need to visit a dealership and check out which suits your need ideally and is affordable for you.

It will depend on you to know which of the trims out of these three is ideally suited for all your requirements. Thus, take a test drive to best understand which feels more comfortable and offers a relaxing ride!