Why Purchase 2023 Hyundai Kona N?

Many people nowadays are opting to buy the 2023 Hyundai Kona N, when it comes to a subcompact crossover. It displays ample power along with driving aspects that are quite exciting for all. Moreover, people also enjoy the sophisticated and well-designed spacious interior along with its affordable price tag. Overall, it is a great vehicle that one should seek to purchase when visiting Philadelphia Hyundai dealership.

Why purchase the 2023 Kona N?

The N series from Hyundai is known for its amazing performance and power along with a sporty vibe that looks simply stunning. Hence, people who opt for this vehicle enjoy three things; its powertrain, interior, and price tag. Thus, have a close look at these to know more.

  • Amazing performance and power

The reason behind Kona N’s amazing performance and power is the powertrain involved. Under the hood sits an aggressive four-cylinder 2L engine that offers supreme power. Though it will offer 276 horsepower, the red button on this car’s steering wheel will allow one to enjoy 286 hp for a short 20-second burst.

This engine is mated with an automatic dual-clutch 8-speed transmission for smooth gear duties. Also, it aids in diverting the torque to its front wheels. The over-boost function and its cornering ability make driving this vehicle remarkably fun. In addition, it takes just 4.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. In addition, this vehicle will offer a mileage of 20 mpg in cities and 27 mpg on highways.

Such amazing power and performance are what this powertrain is responsible for. More people nowadays opt for this car over its standard counterpart because of the driving thrill it provides.

  • Sporty interior

The interior is simply mesmerizing; contrast stitching, shifter knob, mode buttons, Performance Blue color N badge, and more add a spark to its completely black interior. Also, it offers ample room inside the cabin for adults to sit comfortably. In addition, similarly, it can haul the same number of carry-ons as a regular Kona, which is 4 carry-ons.

Other tech features included inside the cabin are a modern and digital 10.3-inch gauge cluster; also, there is a head-up display present for easy viewing for drivers. To offer a sporty factor, this car’s infotainment screen present on request various information such as lap-monitoring, track maps, etc. In addition, people do enjoy the Harman/Kardon 8-speaker system that goes well with the sporty interior.

To sit inside and feel the interior before purchasing this automobile, you need to visit Philly Hyundai dealer immediately.

  • Price set for this car

There is only one variant, which is the Kona N and it is priced at $36,285. Such an amazing car at such an affordable price is another reason why people decide to opt for it more than any other.

These reasons clearly portray why you need to get this vehicle if you are looking to purchase something in the subcompact crossover category. Take a test drive and get a feel of this vehicle and you will understand why this would be ideally suited for all your needs.