What makes the 2023 Genesis GV60’s Powertrain Superior? 

Genesis tried their hands at electric vehicles and came out with the supreme 2023 Genesis GV60. It is a remarkable car that offers luxurious notions; however, the most crucial and superior aspect of this vehicle is its powertrain.

With quick acceleration and more, this is one of the quickest vehicles in this segment. To take a ride and book this Genesis EV, you can visit a certified dealership. So, take a look at this vehicle’s supreme powertrain first, and then some other details about it.

Supreme electric powertrain

Genesis decided to offer three powertrain variants for this vehicle. However, at launch, only a single option is available for people to buy it. The best powertrain is the AWD version that is available currently.

GV60’s AWD version comes with two electric motors. Such a setup is what helps this vehicle create 314 hp for its “Advance” trim, while the “Performance” trim creates 429 ponies. When engaging in “Boost” driving mode, people can increase horsepower from 429 to a massive 483. When “Boost” mode is engaged, this EV can reach from 0-60 mph within 3.7 seconds, making it one of the fastest on-road electric vehicles.

Apart from such power and performance, this powertrain is capable of providing refined handling that will make people think about Porsche Macan. Also, when cruising on a highway, people enjoy a quiet cabin that makes every journey quite pleasant. In addition, this vehicle easily offers ample athleticism that car enthusiasts seek. Such athleticism is what entertains a driver and confidence is inspired by its sure-footedness.

Furthermore, the motors are powered by a 77.4-kWh battery that allows this car to 248 miles driving range for the Advanced variant, while the Performance trim can offer 235 miles. Also, when using a fast-charging DC station, people can easily charge this vehicle from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes; however, people can use other outlets too to charge this car but takes a little bit more time. To know more about charging contact a dealer.

This makes the powertrain quite superior to most that are available in this category. It is why more people nowadays are opting for versions of Genesis electric vehicles than any other. If you want to feel this powertrain’s power and performance, then reach out to a dealer immediately and book a slot for test driving this excellent EV.

Other details

Apart from the powertrain, the luxurious Interior is another reason for people to choose this vehicle in recent times. The high-tech and unique design is what constitutes this car’s interior. There are several cool features that one can check when taking a test drive. The base model of this vehicle costs $60,415 and the Performance costs $69,415. Both are remarkable trims but depend on you which is more suitable to your needs.

The powertrain of this electric vehicle is remarkable. Such superiority in power along with luxurious looks is what makes an individual opt for the 2023 Genesis GV60. Getting this car means, you will own one of the best EVs available in the market.