What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying Crane Spare Parts?

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful skyscraper buildings you have seen come to life? Besides the experienced architects and construction workers, crane units with quality parts are the ones that make those possible.

If you are new to the construction industry and were asked to order crane spare parts, below are the factors you need to consider throughout your purchase journey.

1. Ask Who Is The Go-To Crane Parts Supplier

Most construction companies have their go-to crane parts supplier, so it would be best to ask who they are before searching for another one. Consider asking your superior or your colleagues if there is one or not.

2. Buy From An Authorised Distributor

If the construction company does not have a go-to crane parts supplier, you can search for one online. Search engines like Google will recommend several ones when you type ‘crane parts supplier near me’ into the search bar. Visit the distributor’s website and determine whether or not they are recognised as an authorised distributor and who are their partnered crane brands.

3. Verify  The Serial Number

Note down the serial number of the crane parts you have on hand and verify if it has the same serial number as the ones on the crane parts supplier’s website. One digit wrong could cause you to order different crane parts.

4. Do Price Comparison

Price comparisons between one crane parts supplier and another allow you to determine which suits your budget the most.

5. Read Customer Reviews

If there are no customer reviews on the crane parts supplier’s website, you may read the ones on Google Business Profile and Facebook. Doing so gives you invaluable insight into the products’ quality and customer service.

6. Check The Crane Parts In Person

Since images displayed on the website can be deceiving, you should consider checking out the crane parts in person. You can better assess the quality of the crane spare parts before purchasing them for your crane units.

7. Ask For Warranty

Most manufacturers provide a warranty for their crane spares, so you better ask the distributor to see if the one they offer comes with a warranty. A warranty reassures you that the distributor will replace the crane parts when you receive the damaged or wrong crane spares.

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