The benefits of bulletproof vehicles

With increased cases of terrorist attacks, mass shootings, carjacking, attempted assassinations, etc., there is an increased risk to life and property. It is why purchasing a bulletproof vehicle like Troy Armoring bulletproof vehicles with advanced security measures can be considered a good investment. Bulletproof vehicles will protect you and your family from such pre-planned dangers. Such vehicles are built tough and can withstand accidents and other natural disasters. Such cars also benefit people living in dangerous and conflict zones. 

Top-class protection: The main benefit of a bulletproof car is that it provides top-class protection. It will save you from mass shootings, assassination attempts, assault, etc. The bulletproof vehicles today not only provide you safety but are comfortable and stylish in look. It also protects you in case the nature of work involves transferring valuable items from one place to another.

Reliable: Bulletproof vehicles are extremely durable and reliable compared to your normal cars. They are built using toughened, unbreakable glasses, heavy metals, defensive auto parts, run-flat tires, armored fuel tanks, blast-proof floors, etc. With all these features, the vehicle can withstand gun firing, bomb blasts, punctures, gas attacks, and other dangerous attacks. The doubled suspension system helps in handling the weight of the vehicle. 

Bulletproof glass: The glass used in such vehicles is tough and unbreakable. The shatter-proof glass ensures your safety in the event of a gun firing or other forms of attack. The glass is made of polycarbonate substrate and lead, which makes it shatter-proof and saves you from bullets entering the vehicle. 

Avoid attention: Bulletproof vehicles provide discreet protection as they are built in such a way that they look like regular cars. The purpose is to avoid extra attention on the roads. Therefore, such armored vehicles are a great combination of a hundred percent safety along with less attention. 

Status symbol: Buying a bulletproof car is a part of your status symbol. Not everyone can indeed afford to buy these expensive cars. Owning such a car adds reputation and makes you stand out in society. Along with your safety and your family, it enhances your reputation and status.


Crimes are rising, and if you are a public figure, you are more at risk. Another major problem is the issue of improper gun license holding. All of this adds to the threat. Therefore, investing your hard-earned money in an armored vehicle will be a great addition to the family to keep you and your loved ones safe.