Packing For Motorcycle Trips with Kriega Bags

The limited storage options on motorcycle adventure tours make packing difficult. As a traveller, you must ensure that your luggage can withstand weather and terrain. Avoid over packing on these trips, as it can hinder speed, safety, and comfort.

Furthermore, your bags should be light and compact, waterproof or dustproof and durable. After a hard day on your bike, you don’t want to be dragging your luggage around. Panniers, tail bags, tank bags, backpacks, and panniers are all common types of motorcycle luggage. Here are some options available to motorcyclists from Kriega, an industry veteran in motorcycle luggage.

  1. Soft Panniers

Most motorcycle saddlebags and panniers have the largest carrying capacity, making them ideal for long trips. Panniers can be attached or hanged from straps that cross the seat. Additionally, Kriega saddlebags can keep your weight close to the bike. It is good for safety and bike stability.

Kriega’s OS-32 Soft Panniers (OS-22 Soft Panniers) are the most popular of their Overlander System(OS) lines. They provide the durability and security required to ride in rugged terrain. They are easy to pack and manage, thanks to their box-shaped design. The pack’s roll top closure and white lining detachable keep contents dry and safe from the elements.

  1. Tail Bags

Your motorbike’s rear rack or passenger seat can be attached to tail bags. These bags provide extra storage that does not interfere with riding. They also do not extend to the sides like panniers, so the weight is kept in one place.

Kriega’s OS-6 and OS-12 Adventure Packs can be attached directly to any rear racks or strapped with the Kriega OS Rack Loops. You can use each adventure pack as a stand-alone bag or as part of a multipack storage system that includes other OS packs.

For more details about Kriega bags, read this infographic from Motorrad Garage. You can visit their website to learn more about their services.