Moving Goods: 10 Cost-Effective Maintenance Tips for a Light Goods Vehicle

 Regular truck maintenance is an absolute necessity for any delivery company. Without proper preventive maintenance, it will be more likely that your vehicles will encounter serious road issues in the future, especially on delivery days. Maintenance of trucks serves as a preventative measure. No matter how skilled you are behind the wheel or how well you obey traffic laws, you cannot ensure safety unless your goods vehicle in Singapore is in good driving condition. Vehicles without routine inspection are more prone to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs, which will only exacerbate your financial difficulties.


Here are some cost-effective maintenance tips to keep in mind for the success of your business.

1.   Perform inspections and tests to prevent failures

Regular inspections could assist you in providing a high-quality delivery service. Simple checks will help you identify signs of a malfunctioning engine. Common truck issues include excessive smoking, loss of oil pressure, and low power output. These problems necessitate immediate action and accurate diagnostics to make the necessary repairs.

2.   Plan preventative maintenance in advance

Scheduling all routine maintenance in advance is the simplest method for ensuring that your light goods vehicle in Singapore receives proper care. It is simple for your fleet maintenance manager or fleet manager to use an online or software-based calendar for maintenance schedules, such as routine vehicle maintenance. In addition, it is simpler to develop an effective plan for fleet vehicle maintenance management. Estimate the daily miles driven, then adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance procedures such as oil changes and tyre rotation. A fleet maintenance plan should include maintenance alerts for maintenance records to schedule garage downtime for preventive maintenance.

3.   Update electrical systems regularly

Especially in newer models, your truck’s electrical system is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of your light goods vehicle engine in Singapore. These trucks rely on electrical systems to communicate with an onboard computer to maintain efficient engine operation. Truck preventive maintenance performed by specialists for repairing electrical components is necessary for this situation.

4.   Examine oil levels

Many people underestimate the significance of oil. Typically, it is because they lack a complete understanding of what oil does. Moreover, the oil serves various purposes, and its primary function is to lubricate the numerous engine components found in automobiles and trucks.

Indeed, engines consist of many moving parts. Friction produces when these parts move, and extra friction results in additional heat. And a truck engine could overheat if the components lack lubrication with fresh oil. Unfortunately, this is a relatively expensive issue to resolve. However, you cannot ignore it. A prime mover with an overheated engine for sale in Singapore is practically useless until it is repaired or replaced.

5.   Always maintain a log of truck maintenance

Essential is maintaining a historical record of the condition and repairs of your light goods vehicle in Singapore. Your log will serve as a to-do list to assist you in organising all preventive checks and maintenance schedules. In addition, your truck’s historical record may assist you in monitoring classified matters requiring immediate resolution. You can easily monitor and determine which component may be at risk.


6.   Work with a fleet management service to handle repairs

Consider utilising fleet maintenance software to provide superior service and maintenance for fleet vehicles if you lack the personnel to oversee fleet performance. Delivery fleet management companies have the personnel, experience, and connections with garages and maintenance companies to provide fleet repair in modesto, and maintenance management solutions for reasonable prices.

7.   Check for body damage

For your business to prevent further damage, it is crucial to inspect the truck for body corrosion caused by hazardous chemicals that may have made contact inside and outside your goods vehicle in Singapore. If you operate your delivery truck on the road, wash it immediately after each trip, particularly in the winter. If unchecked, snow and sleet combined with road salt will corrode the chassis.

8.   Establish an effective maintenance programme

Using a proper fleet maintenance management system to alert you precisely when maintenance is required based on real-time operating conditions allows you to go beyond scheduled maintenance. Modern fleet maintenance management software can monitor operating parameters, such as engine temperature, oil pressure, and fluid levels, and notify you if certain thresholds exceed. Maintenance management tools allow you to perform maintenance only when necessary, not before or after, and reduce operational expenses for your new car or truck for sale in Singapore.

9.   Check all lights

It is easy to comprehend why you should ensure your fleet’s lights are operational. The exterior lights are essential for nighttime goods vehicle operation in Singapore. A driver can’t see where they are going if the exterior lights do not function. They will hopefully decide to postpone the assignment until repairs finish. Unfortunately, you cannot be sure that all drivers will be so cautious. If the lighting is dim but still functional, a driver may attempt to reach their destination before making the necessary repairs. It raises their chances of being involved in an accident.

    10. Know your trip condition

After completing a truck maintenance checklist, an essential aspect of long-term care must come into play. That is knowing how much maintenance your trucks require based on their usage. Whether you are delivering heavy loads, taking a long trip, or making multiple trips daily, the type of maintenance your goods vehicle requires in Singapore will depend on how you manage it. You can talk with your local mechanic about the best ways to keep your truck in good condition, given the daily routes you take.




You can take numerous steps on your own to optimise the condition of your truck fleet. However, if you lack professional experience as a truck maintenance specialist, there are additional tasks for which you are unqualified. These inspections may include the cooling system, electrical components, belts, hoses, and brakes. In other words, seek out a specialist and schedule routine inspections. A truck diagnostic specialist will perform the maintenance tasks where you lack the equipment and knowledge to perform.

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