Is it expensive to maintain a Tesla? 

You would be on the top of the moon after purchasing your first Tesla. It would be a great experience driving your new Tesla. However, you should gather adequate knowledge about the vehicle before you take it out for a spin. It would be vital for your safety and the safety of the vehicle that you learn about taking care of the vehicle in the best possible way. 

Now that you have owned a Tesla, what should you do now? 

The foremost thing to do would be to apply ceramic coating to the exterior of the vehicle. It would be a great option to safeguard the exterior of your car from dust, dirt, and road tar sticking to the paint. If you were wondering how a ceramic coating would be applied to the exterior of your car, let us delve into the procedure. A certified applicator would apply the ceramic coating in the form of a liquid. The coating would be applied one panel at a time. It would cover the entire exterior painted surfaces of the vehicle. 

However, the applicator would decontaminate the paintwork and prepare it to make sure the coating makes a strong bond with the paint. Putting ceramic coating on your Tesla would benefit you immensely in protecting your Tesla paint from various all types of damage caused by the UV rays, tree sap, seawater, and bird droppings. It would also assist the electric car to maintain a clean appearance along with reducing air resistance significantly. Rest assured that it might extend the battery range of your Tesla. 

Look for Tesla charging port and procedure 

After you have purchased the Tesla, take pride in the convenient charging options to suit your specific driving and lifestyle needs. You could charge your Tesla anywhere, whether it is your home or on the road. All you require is the ease of access to an outlet. 

Tesla could be charged where you have parked the vehicle or even on the road. It would be recommended to charge where you park to make the most of your charging requirements. It would be in your best interest to consider having a Tesla wall connector installed in your home or office. It caters to you with the quickest charging speed. Rest assured that you could add approximately 44 miles of range on an hour of charge. Consider ordering a wall connector online and have it installed by an electrician certified by Tesla Aftercare