How To Store Truck Bearings Purchased From A Supplier In Singapore

It does not matter how durable the UD Nissan truck is because its parts will eventually wear out the more you use it. The same goes for other brands like Renault. You can expect the parts like wheel bearings will continue to deteriorate more due to constant use.

Apart from performing routine maintenance every 30,000 miles, the lifespan of wheel bearings, even the ones bought from a reliable bearings supplier in Singapore, will only last between 85,000 to 100,000 miles.

Since you will not know when your truck’s current bearings will last, you should always be ready. Store spare Nissan truck parts in Singapore so you will have wheel bearings to use for replacement.

Below are some tips on how to take good care of them.

1. Lay Them In A Flat Surface

Whether you have Renault or UD Nissan truck parts like bearings, you should keep them flat as much as possible. Otherwise, there is possible deformation if hung or stored standing on the side.

2. Keep Them In A Clean Environment

When dust gets into the bearings, they will age prematurely. The said components will become unsuitable for replacement. Consider cleaning the track and the storage room where you keep the bearings and other automotive parts.

3. Stored Them In Storage With Controlled Temperature

Besides dust, moisture can also deteriorate the Renault bearing parts in Singapore by ingress contamination.

4. If Removed From The Packaging, Cover Them With Lint-Free Rag

Once you remove the bearings from its packaging, you have to cover them with a lint-free rag to protect them from dust and moisture.

5. Take Note Of The FIFO

Even though sealed bearings purchased from a reliable supplier in Singapore can last for five years, you will have to follow the FIFO. Without chronological order, you might miss using the older ones in stock and use the new ones for replacement instead.

6. Never Expose Them Directly From Sunlight

Your Renault parts and other brands in Singapore will also age prematurely—when exposed directly to the sun, causing their lubricants to evaporate. You should keep the auto parts at a controlled room temperature to monitor the humidity level.

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