Everything to Know About RV Delamination

Water damage is the most common problem with RVs. Delamination is a structural defect in an RV’s exterior fiberglass or gel coating. If there’s an appearance of bubbles, waves, or blisters on an RV’s side walls, it is delamination. To prevent this issue from getting out of hand and seriously damaging the structural integrity of the RV, one must hire expert mechanics to fix the problem. The rv delamination repair cost varies according to the scope of the damage and can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Costs may significantly increase if an external wall needs to be entirely removed and replaced.

Adverse Effects of Delamination

Delamination can impact the entire wall or just a tiny section of it. In both cases, it is essential to identify the leak’s source and ensure it is completely stopped. Delamination causes wood rotting and an accumulation of moisture between the layers. This not only destroys the substrate and insulation, but it can also compromise the wall’s structural integrity. Moreover, moisture in the gaps between the layers can form mold, posing health risks.

Causes of Delamination

The followings are the main factors that cause people to send on rv delamination repair cost.

  • Poor Maintenance of RV
  • Avoiding inspection or releasing once every five years.
  • Exposure to rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Parking the RV in an open place where rain is frequent
  • Prolonged stress cracks left unnoticed
  • The previous application of the wrong sealant for an old roof touch up

Process Behind RV Delamination

RV delamination occurs when the RV’s fiberglass outer layer (or gel coat layer) comes off from the backing layer (plywood or luan). Generally, any panel along a seam is vulnerable to delamination. It includes the sidewalls, roof, and floor. Moisture seeps through and sits, slowly destroying the adhesives that keep the wall’s layers together. As a result, the damaged section seems to have a warped or bubbled texture along the roof’s windows, doors, and edges. It can, however, start in the middle if there are stress cracks big enough to allow water to pass through.

Reasons to Hire a Professional To Fix Delamination

If the delamination is severe, the stripping and reconstruction process can be too tricky for a DIY approach. Given the damage’s scope, repairing it will only act as a band-aid solution to a much larger problem. Without help from a professional, there is a high risk of uneven glue application and missing spots leading to continuous structural failure.

Incorrect execution could result in much more severe issues, such as structural collapse. In this scenario, concerning possible costs, one could have easily purchased a brand-new RV. The best option is to hire professionals to strip the fragmented panels and swap out the worn layers. It is best to speak with an RV repair expert to estimate the rv delamination repair costs because a total wall restoration will be more expensive.


Experts often offer pre-purchase inspections and thorough diagnostic services to help buyers to buy the right second-hand RVs. They also offer repair and renovation services for various RV-related issues.